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Remuneration and Fees

General Insurance

Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan Insurances Ltd may be remunerated by a professional fee for the initial work activity and time spent in seeking the best terms, advice, product and product producer for your specific needs. An administration fee is also charged for the activity involved in the renewal of the policy and also for any alterations that take place during and at termination of the policy. We are usually remunerated by commission received from the product producers for the work involved in placing an order and finalising the product with them on your behalf. The range of commission payable varies depending on the class of business being placed. Some product producers do not pay any commission. A Compliance charge may apply and is detailed in the overall amount due. Our fees/charges will be communicated to you in advance of new business, renewal and mid-term alteration stage and will be clearly set out in our documentation issued to you. Services can be provided solely on a fee basis if the client so wishes, so that no commission will be taken from the premium charged by the product producer. All premiums are subject to a 5% Government Levy, where applicable.

Scale of Fees

Class of Business

Initial Fee

Renewal Fee

Policy Alterations / Cancellation Fee

Private Motor and Light Commercial Vehicles

Up to a maximum of €500

Up to a maximum of €500

Up to a maximum of €500

Household, Travel, Caravan, Boat and all other Personal Lines Insurance

Up to a maximum of €500

Up to a maximum of €500

Up to a maximum of €500

Commercial Insurance

Up to a maximum of 100% of the premium

Up to a maximum of 100% of the premium

Up to a maximum of €5,000

A fee of up to €75 may be charged for the provision of duplicate documentation. We also incur significant costs in cancelling policies / seeking premium rebates for clients and this service is subject to an administration charge of €39. Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan Insurances Ltd enjoys volume and profitability arrangements with some product producers that enable the firm to offer preferential rates for some classes of business.

Health Insurance: We are remunerated by commission only.

Premium Finance Charges: Premium Finance Charges: Where premiums are financed by Insurers, Close Premium Finance, Premium Credit Finance or other finance lenders, details of interest rate and all charges will be separately provided in the credit agreement at inception. We may receive a commission from finance companies in respect of credit agreements up to 6% of the annual premium. Should there be a default of a direct debit payment, we will charge a fee for recovery of the defaulted payment of up to €25. In the event that the loan is to be reinstated following a default, a charge of up to €40 will be applied.

Direct Debit Administration Fee: An administration fee of €10 applies for the set-up of scheduled direct debit payments.

Charges on Direct Debit Defaults and Dishonoured Cheques : Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan Insurances Ltd will charge a minimum of €15.00 for processing each and every: (i) Direct Debit Default by the client and (ii) cheque received from the client which is subsequently dishonoured by the bank. Cheques may be dishonoured for various reasons including: insufficient client funds, payments stopped by clients (stopped cheques) etc. This charge is in addition to any charge that may be levied by the Product Producer and/or Premium Finance Company.

Supplementary Charges: Should a particular project or circumstance require us to charge any additional fees, they will be specifically advised in advance. The calculation of such charges will be based on various factors such as, though not limited to the complexity of matters under consideration, any commission payable (including none) by Insurers, time spent, qualification levels and numbers of personnel involved. Please note that some insurance companies may collect our administration charge on our behalf for direct debit policies. We reserve the right to amend these fees should the complexity of the product/service require a higher fee or in the event that the product/service provided is not remunerated by a product producer in the usual way. In such circumstances we will confirm and agree the fee with you at the time of providing the service. Details of all the remuneration, fees, commissions and arrangements listed above are available upon request.

What our clients think

I must say that I found dealing with your company to be a breath of fresh air, you have been most helpful and competitive with your quote!

T Shanahan, Killarney

You are a fab team! Could not have been a better outcome.

R & A Holtkott, Killorglin, Co. Kerry

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